One of the main functions of a garment of clothing is to protect a wearer from natural elements, along with providing style. Clothing that has been designed exclusively to add to the protection factor is Coveralls.

Coveralls are designed to protect the whole body and its make says it too. Coveralls are one-piece clothing that covers the whole body, except for the hands, feet and the face, for which you have other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Coveralls are also known as boilersuits and generally as overall, though overall is also used to refer bib apparel.

Coveralls are less tight-fitting garments and they have full-length sleeves and legs. Being a one-piece garment, you can find no gap between the top and the bottom of the garment. Coveralls also would generally sport large pockets that can easily hold long tools, making them function as utility clothing.

Originally, Coveralls were used by workers who were tasked with maintaining coal-fired boilers, which apparently lent them the name boilersuit. As these workers had to climb inside through a Firehole that was just wide enough for a single person, the one-piece suit avoided the potential problem of loosened soot entering the clothing through the gap in the middle.

Now, these garments are extensively used as protective clothing over other work clothes. It is also used instead of ordinary jackets and trousers. Coveralls are designed to provide a worker from hazards that could include sparks and hot particles, molten metal splashes, direct flame, radiant heat, solvents, acids, asbestos fibers, and many other hazardous substances. Though it covers the whole body, the use of breathable fabrics can help them to provide the much-needed comfort to the wearer, while at his workplace.

Hi Vis (High Visibility) clothing are protective equipment designed to lend high visibility and reflective properties. This clothing functions best when the wearer is working amidst moving traffic or equipment, or in low light areas or conditions. To provide distinct visibility, hi vis clothing would sport colors that are easily discernible from any background, and for reflective properties, it would have reflective tapes on them. High-visibility coveralls are appropriate where people are exposed to hazards from moving traffic, or from moving plant or equipment that is controlled by an onboard operator.

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