Many a time you would have heard of stores promoting Australian workwear brands even when there are a lot of American brands available near you. What is it that the likes of Hard Yakka, KingGee, DNC Workwear have that Dickies, Ergodyne, Bulwark and many others doesn’t? Let us have a look:

  • Durability - Here is one feature that many promise but fail to deliver, however not Australian workwear brands. Why? It is because Australia has one of the roughest and tough work conditions. These conditions require each of the workers to work hard, at their very best, and also for the workwear clothing to work as hard as the Aussies. Each of the workwear clothing from Australian work brands come designed specifically for industrial purposes, with the best ripstop fabrics, triple stitched seams, and many more features that ensure the best durability. What you get with an Aussie work clothing is the best experience and not garments that show signs of wear and tear after being used for two or three times.
  • Comfort - No matter what the condition is outside, feel the best comfort inside with the best work clothing from Australian brands. For the hot and summer season, you can wear those work clothing made from 100% cotton and cotton drill fabrics, and sporting mesh ventilation in the high heat sensitive areas. Working outdoors during those cold and chilly days? Well, then experience the best warmth and comfort with the quality work jackets made of wool and other fabrics. So, quit feeling “too hot” and “too cold” with the clothing from your local brands, but experience the best style and comfort with the best Australian work clothing.
  • Safety - As mentioned above, Australia has one of the most rough and tough work conditions. Along with calling for durable clothing, these conditions also require workwear with the best safety standards so as to keep the wearers safe. The Australian work brands follow the safety standards as developed by Standards Australia in accordance with the international standards. This helps you to keep pace with the new technologies. With the best safety features that incorporate all clothing, ranging from workwear to safety wear, Australian work clothing can keep you safe all the time. And with the best safety features, you can experience a boost in confidence, innovative products with a competitive edge and much more.
  • Functionality - Be it a Stubbies short, a Bisley work shirt, or a Syzmik Streetworx garment, with the best Australian work brands, you can have a range of work clothing that can be used for a variety of purposes. For workwear needs or casual needs, these stylish clothing can cater to all needs with ease.

The qualities of the Australian workwear don’t end here but goes on and on. These main features listed here are enough to help you realize why Australian workwear brands are better than the rest of the brands. Well, now another question arises, and it is “where to purchase the Australian work clothing in the U.S?”

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