Fire is one of the most dangerous elements and hence the usage, “don’t play with fire”. This is the same everywhere, be it home, school, workplace or anywhere else. It is why there is a lot of equipment designed to keep us safe from fire, like extinguishers and so on.

Now, what if people working in industries that use electrical equipment and such need to stay safe from the hazards of fire? We know that these industries have a greater risk of catching fire and posing a risk to the lives and health of the laborers. It is to counter these situations that Flame Retardant clothing and equipment have been designed and developed by major clothing brands.

Flame Retardant (FR) clothing comes under the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) category. PPE is a collective term for that equipment that protects the wearer from injuries and hazards. They are designed to function as a barrier between the wearer and the hazard. Common PPE includes gloves, specs, boots, helmet/hard hat, safety clothing and so on.

FR clothing is the type of PPE that helps keep the wearer safe from the risk of injuries related to fire hazards. In order to achieve this, it is no secret that the clothing should be of the best quality and perform the best even in extreme conditions.

FR clothing is made of fire-resistant fabrics and this property may be inherent or achieved through chemical treatment. FR clothing would also be loaded with some excellent and protective features like resisting burning or ignition, ability to self-extinguish when the source of fire is removed, not melting on the skin or breaking open, thereby exposing the skin, and such.

FR clothing is an important type of clothing required all around the world and many brands come up with the best FR products. Among them, some Australian brands have risen in prominence and become some of the most sought-after names in the safety clothing industry. FR clothing from Australian brands are the best ones available in the industry and they also never compromise on durability. To ensure that they provide the best protection to the wearers, Australian brands adhere to the AS/NZS 2801:2008 standards, which is on par with the highest international standards.

Not only does the Australian brands comply with all industry standards, but also they use the best and high-quality quality flame retardant fabrics. Some of the FR fabrics that they use include the likes of Tencate Tecasafe, Indura UltraSoft and so on. These, undoubtedly, are some of the most popular names in FR fabrics category.

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The products that you can purchase under this category, from these quality brands are Bisley Tencate Tecasafe Taped Two Tone Hi Vis FR Lightweight Vented Shirt-(BS8237T), Bisley Tencate Tecasafe® Plus Taped Two Tone Hi Vis Closed Front Vented Shirt - Long Sleeve-(BSC8075T), Hard Yakka Protect - FR Shirt LS 2T TP (Y04350), Bisley Tencate Tecasafe® Plus Taped 2 Tone Hi Vis Engineered Vented Coverall-(BC8086T), Syzmik FR Mens Slant Pocket Pant (ZP523), Bisley Tencate Tecasafe Plus FR Taped Hi Vis Lightweight Long Sleeve Shirt-(BS8197T), Bisley Tencate tecasafe® women's taped hi vis fr lightweight vented long sleeve shirt-(BL8097T), Bisley Tencate Tecasafe Plus Taped Hi Vis FR Lightweight Vented Long Sleeve Shirt-(BS8238T), Bisley Tencate Tecasafe® Plus Fr Taped Engineered Vented Cargo Pant-(BPC8092T), Hard Yakka Protect - FR CF Shirt LS 2T TP (Y04550), Bisley TenCate Tecasafe® Plus Taped Two Tone Hi Vis FR Lightweight Long Sleeve Shirt-(BS8198T), Fire Armour ZW131 Womens Closed Front Hooped Taped Spliced Shirt and many more.

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