There are two ways of staying safe. One way is by hiding, while the other way is by being visible. Staying visible helps you be safe in the industrial work areas and other such areas. Hi Vis (high visibility) clothing helps you achieve this.

Hi Vis clothing is a type of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and is designed with the intention of keeping the workers safe and protected. Hi Vis clothing would sport bright and fluorescent colors that are easily discernible from any background. With colors that stand out, other people can easily identify the wearer and move away from their path.

Hi Vis clothing is mostly used when the worker is working amidst moving equipment, operated by a person, or in the midst of traffic. It is also used when the wearer needs to work in low light conditions or dark areas. The bright orange, fluorescent yellow, lime and other colors that a hi vis clothing sports can help the drivers of vehicles and operators of heavy equipment to easily identify the wearers and move out of the way, thereby preventing injuries or harm to them.

Hi vis clothing comes suited mainly for three types of uses, such as Day only use, Day/Night use and Night only use. So, how to differentiate between the three? Those hi vis wear designed for Day only use would have bright and contrasting colors that help it stand out easily. Those designed for Day/Night use would have bright and contrasting colors along with reflective tapes. These tapes can reflect the light back to its source, say like the headlight of the vehicle, which helps others to be aware of the wearer's presence.

The other category contains those hi vis clothing for Night only purpose and the clothing mostly would be in white and single colors. The high visibility feature of these garments is achieved by the reflective tapes on the garment. Now, you may wonder whether hi vis clothing is suited only for those engaged in the industrial work sectors. It is not the case as it can be used for a wide variety of needs.

Hi Vis clothing is also worn by cyclists and bikers while out on the road, after sundown. Truckers, security personnel, and many others also wear hi vis clothing, so that they may stay safe and protected.

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