Imagine, a few years ago, going to the bar or a pub in your work clothing. Truly, you would be the odd one out and at risk to the stares and jokes of those around you. Well, if this was the case then, do it tomorrow and you’d be the center of attraction. Curious to know how it’s possible?

It is all made possible, thanks to the Streetworx range from Syzmik Workwear. Before meeting the range, let us meet the brand. Syzmik Workwear is a new entrant into the industry of workwear and safety wear, but it is the one that has completely revolutionized the industry. Despite being just a couple years old, Syzmik is now one of the most sought-after workwear brands.

Syzmik brand comes from the manufacturing house Fashion Biz, which also brings out the Biz Corporates and Biz Collection brands. These latter brands cater to the corporate sector and the business industry by providing the best and comfortable clothing for corporate use. From This manufacturing house, we can now find a superb workwear brand and it is Syzmik.

The aim of Syzmik brand is to keep the workers safe, warm and dry as they strive hard to make a living. Each of the products from Syzmik undergoes strict testing for safety compliance, durability and comfortability to ensure that it will work as hard as the men and women wearing it.

Syzmik’s Streetworx is a range that has both the qualities of street and work. Streetworx range’s styling is inspired by the street, but it is designed specifically for work. With this range, you can have both the styling you crave for and the functionality, durability, and comfort of a workwear. This whole new range of workwear is created with one thing in mind - the freedom of the wearer.

The greatest feature of this range is that you would get the exact same feeling of wearing the clothes you wear to the pub, gym, or for any purposes. Not only freedom of choice, but you would also get great freedom of movement as this range uses fabrics that have an inherent stretch property, which adds to its flexibility. Streetworx helps you to have increased freedom of work, without any discomfort or feeling restricted.

With the Streetworx range, each person engaged in hard work can look as stylish as any street or fashion clothing, with the added features of functionality and durability that you would need at work. This range ensures maximum freedom - freedom to move, freedom to have your own style, freedom to go anywhere.

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